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by: Dean Severidt

Diabetes mellitus is a condition where there's either a scarcity of insulin being produced by the body or where insulin is present, though not used correctly. Humans aren't the sole animals that will get diabetes. It isn't odd for a dog above the age of ten to develop dog diabetes. Although diabetes customarily occurs later in dogs, it is sometimes like Type I or juvenile diabetes in humans where there's a total shortage of insulin. There are some cases where it can be Type II, but that's extraordinarily rare in dogs. The sole treatment for diabetes in dogs is insulin with correct exercise and diet. If your dog gets diagnosed as having diabetes, don't worry as it is rather simple to treat with insulin and regular check ups at your vet.

How are you able to tell if your dog has dog diabetes? The symptoms of dog diabetes are just about just like what's experienced in human diabetes.

Frequent urination; frequent urination.

Often parched; your dog is drinking more frequently.

Beat and sleepy; your dog is not as frolicsome and lays around a lot. Weight control or gain; any unexpected change in weight.

Sudden blindness; your dog can't see well. week and lethargic body condition; you dog just looks weak.

Sweet smelling breath; a change from regular doggie breath to sweet breath.

Shaking or shivering; shaking or shivering is an indication of a blood sugar problem which may be hypoglycemia or diabetes (diabetes is rather more likely).

Persistent or frequent infections; your dog is getting sores or contagions regularly that occur often and / or do not heal fast.

This list is by no means meant to be conclusive, rather these are a few of the more common symptoms I have seen that have led to the diagnosing of dog diabetes.

If you think your dog has dog diabetes due to any of the above symptoms, see your vet and get it diagnosed. If your dog is diagnosed as having diabetes and insulin is prescribed, it isn't extremely pricey to buy for treating your dog's condition. There are certain strains of dogs that are way more at the mercy of dog diabetes which is something you'll be able to find out about on the internet. Even so, get your dog tested and ensure to ask your vet about changes in diet you have to make for the healthiness of your dog.

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